Who We Are

Iowa’s Expert Excavation and Site Preparation

As a home-grown company headquartered in Elkhart, we are all too familiar with the state’s rolling hills, flat plains, and Midwestern beauty. We’re out here every day! Find us excavating year-round across the Des Moines Metro Area and surrounding communities. We love working out on the field and working alongside the construction industry and others.

Our Projects Past and Present

Here at Wenthold Excavating we handle a variety of projects— from street extensions, parking lots, to foundations for large buildings.

Some of our local projects include:

Backfilling work

Our Mission

We built our company on the belief that excellence and consistency pave the way to a successful future. We instill this philosophy in our crew and apply it to every project. In our line of work, there is no room for shortcuts, no excuses for sloppy work, no time for mistakes, and no tolerance for unsafe practices. 

We strive for perfection, efficiency, and safety. No matter what.

Our Company Values

As a company that provides essential services to the construction industry and the public, we operate under high standards of excellence.

Our company values: 

Honesty: We tackle every project with honesty and an objective assessment of the work that needs to be done. No hidden fees. No shortcuts. 

Efficiency: In the construction world, everything is on a budget and a schedule. We know the importance of performing the work at the necessary speed without causing setbacks or interruptions. 

Dedication: We dedicate the same degree of energy and expertise to every project. From large public works projects to a small road repair. We focus on quality and professionalism.

Get Excavation Services in Iowa

Our GPS-enabled equipment and fleet guarantee precision. Our trained crew provides expertise, quality, and professionalism. Our experience promises a successful execution of the project. We love what we do and are ready to tackle your site preparation needs!